About me
Hi, my name is Susan Baldermann. I am a graphic designer working in various fields of graphic communication. My work ranges from identity design, information design, and editorial design to visual concepts for clients for cultural events or business and urban projects.

Besides a content-driven approach, I focus on a process-oriented workflow including experimental ways of form finding, exploration of emergent creative tools, and calculated use of intended accidental discoveries. I am very keen on incorporating new trends in design, fashion, music and art into my work following the philosophy »grab it, play with it, and develop and realise an idea«. In this way I keep my graphic vocabulary versatile, evolutionary and surprising.

In addition to my personal work as a designer, I have been regularly involved in academic teaching. At the United POP Academy (Leipzig) I have been responsible for the Graphic Design Class in the Bachelor’s Program since 2015. I work as a guest lecturer at Anhalt University (Dessau) and Martin Luther University (Halle).

I received a Bachelor and a Master of Arts in Graphic Design from Anhalt University. Currently, I work and live in Leipzig, Germany.

Lectureship at Anhalt University
Bachelors and Masters Program
Department of Design, Dessau
2021 – 2023

Lectureship at Anhalt University
International Masters Program
Department of Design, Dessau
Winter term 2020/21

Guest Lecturer at Martin Luther University
Career Center, Halle
Foundations of Design
Winter term 2020/21

Lectureship at Akademie Deutsche POP
Class of Graphic Design in the Bachelors Program
Typography / Foundations of Design / Project Monitoring
2015 – 2020, Leipzig

Assistant to Prof. Gerald Christ
Class of Information Design in the Masters Program
Anhalt University, Department of Design
Winter term 2013/14, Dessau

Speaker at the design conference
Dimensions Of Stadt
Bauhaus Dessau, 2011

Panelist at the Forum Creative Industries:
»Which role do creative industries play for
a sustainable urban development?«
OFT Rabet, Leipzig 2010

City of Leipzig / Stadt Leipzig, Gesundheitsamt
Hochschule Anhalt, Fachbereich Design
Gourdin & Müller, Leipzig
Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie
Quartiersmanagement Leipziger Osten
Quartiersmanagement Berlin Kreuzberg
Büro Kaufmann
FAIRbund e.V.
Die Heilsarmee
Studio Oase

novum 12/11
design report 5/11
Biolab. Information Design 2012